WBITE Cinncinati


You’ll never have to sit through another sporting event without seeing players bite one another again!

Tune into WBITE Cincinnati, where biting is legal in every sport, and the city was chosen because it rhymed with the call sign.

Join celebrity commentators Mike Tyson and international soccer star/renowned biter Luis Suarez as they attempt to call each game/event/match while fending off toothy attacks from each other.

You’ll get 24-hour coverage of the following sporting events, all made infinitely better by unexpected biting:

  1. Baseball
  2. Golf
  3. Synchronized swimming
  4. Billiards
  5. Curling

Tired of NOT seeing a tennis player reach over the net and lock his or her opponent in an embrace with intent to bite the collarbone? Sick of never seeing a confident bowler celebrate a strike just before his opponent appears from nowhere and bites his hand? Don’t you hate not witnessing an olympian get bit as he or she lies on the mat helplessly, having just completed a glorious pole vault?

It’s all legal on WBITE Cincinnati! Tune in today, and leave the mouth guards at home!


The Wildlife Leadership Investment

Is your urban wildlife population dwindling in greatness? More specifically, are the bears in your midwestern metropolis not what they used to be?


According to the civic organization “Scientists Without Any Formal Education”, teams of grizzlies generally look to a leader when locked in a territory war with other packs. The WILDLIFE LEADERSHIP INVESTMENT is an initiative to incentivize the alpha Bear to reach for success.

With the hunting season drawing to a close, the following recommendations are presented for the success of the organization of Bears in Chicago:

1. Pander to the alpha Bear, despite performance of duties

2. Over compensate the beast, blindly believing his behavior will change

3. Assume without evidence that the alpha bear has leadership capabilities comparable to an alpha bronco, an alpha seahawk, or even the young alpha colt.

4. Never apologize for the lackluster competitive spirit of the alpha bear, or the apathetic facial expression it makes when huddle in the Chicago cold, watching his herd battle.

5. Allow the city that once was the natural habit to the largest and most ferocious alpha bull to descend into further mediocrity at the hands of the alpha Bear.

If these steps are followed, the alpha Bear will surely lead the herd to competitive success for a decade to come. We think. Probably.

The “How to Appear in a World Series” Handbook

Does your team lack experience at competing in baseball’s world series? Have none of your players been alive to see their club compete at the highest level?

Sounds like you need the “How to Appear in a World Series” Handbook!

It’s your step-by-step guide to baseball’s biggest show! Teams that go into the World Series unprepared are statistically proven to lose, like, 42% of the time. With our no-fail handbook, you too can be an expert- even if you have no one on your team that the rest of the country would recognize as ‘good at baseball’! Our handbook will explain crucial details such as:

1. Try to win 4 games. That’s how many you need to get a trophy!

2. You will be on TV and your name will be in the paper. Relatives you never hear from may start calling.

3. A game losing error will live with you for the rest of your life.

4. Try not to place a wager on the outcome, take a steroid, use a corked bat, or text a hot reporter a picture of any part of your body.

Congratulations! You’ve been given a once in a lifetime opportunity, unless you go on to play for the Yankees or Cardinals.