The All Canine Meat Hot Dog

Is your Fourth of July celebration marred by shoddy hot dog meat?!


Unsubstantiated and biased studies show 1000% of hot dogs in today’s market include an unhealthy combination of beef, pork, horse, chemically synthesized protein molecules and/or human meat. With the wrong proportions of each ingredient, scientists believe eating over 140 of these impure hot dogs in a sitting can be lethal. Why would you do that to yourself?

Well, you don’t have to anymore. There is finally an alternative guaranteed to be at least not more unhealthy than a traditional hot dog. With the All Canine Meat Hot Dog, you can rest assured that your fireside snack’s ingredients are exactly as advertised! Made from only the most tender canine meat available, our herds are fed a careful mix of foods to balance nutrition: bacon, grass, baby bunnies, and assorted table scraps.

A GREEN INITIATIVE: By “recycling” members of the troublesome and swelling domestic canine population, we’re promoting a possibly better but definitely different hot dog for the environment. Here at ACMHD Inc., we are a proud champion of this initiative. For the sake of our children’s children, finally a hot dog company is irreversibly linked to managing our planet’s canine presence.