The TacoTelegram

Have you ever wanted to mail a taco? NOW YOU CAN!

Gone are the days of worrying about the complicated logistical challenges of mailing mexican food. For $7.99 plus tax and freight, we will ship one taco for you to anywhere in the mainland United States. The Taco Telegram is perfect for the following occasions:

1. When you’re hungry.

2. When someone you know is hungry.

3. When you want to mail someone a hate taco.

4. A ‘Fan Mail Taco’ to your favorite celebrity

5. When you have a Mexican restaurant and you want to show them how it’s done

6. Random taco mailings to someone you’ve never met

THE FINE PRINT: Taco Telegram only ships economy ground, in a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ manilla envelope. Taco can be placed in plastic baggie or wrapped in foil for an additional $5 surcharge. Composition of taco not guaranteed by time of delivery. Custom ingredient orders not accepted; Taco Telegram Inc. reserves the right to assemble any ingredient combination, including but not limited to traditional mexican food taco ingredients, any and all non traditional ingredients, strawberry jam, asparagus, lemon custard, and bubble gum. Not FDA approved. Consumption of taco not recommended.