My First Haircut Kit

Is your child terrible at giving haircuts?

Well worry no more, because MY FIRST HAIRCUT KIT is here to make your child a pro!

Whether giving himself/herself a trim, helping their parents out with a little off the top, or opening a small barbershop kiosk on the corner of your neighborhood streets, children can now get the vital hair-cutting experience they need.

Designed for children ages 2-6, the haircut kit includes:

  • Professional grade shears
  • Industry grade electric razor (guards sold separately)
  • Shaving (includes 6 pre-sharpened utility blades)
  • Mohawk stencil
  • Hairstyle Instructional pamphlet
  • First aid kit with blood towel
  • Set of legal team business cards

For four easy payments of $69.99, you could start experiencing the convenience of in-home haircuts in the most popular styles — bowl cut, crew cut, OR skin head. Gone are the days of expensive trips to the barber, with unknown hands in your hair and incessant conversation with a stylist or shampooer.

Don’t forget to check out MY SECOND HAIRCUT, an advanced set of tools for your 7-10 year old child, including curlers, dyes and coloring agents, combs, more razors, more scissors, a home-sharpening tool, hairsprays and gels, and a “Yes, I cut my own hair” t-shirt.



The Automatic Haircut

Don’t you hate it when you unevenly trim your neckline or accidentally slice the top part of your ear when you’re giving yourself a haircut? THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!

Well, now there is. Introducing THE AUTOMATIC HAIRCUT.

Designed by barber Henri LaFont, the Automatic Haircut is the most convenient and cost effective way to get a good looking trim in the confines of your home. With eight presets including combover, buzz, mohawk, faux-hawk, mullet, and extra mullet, your perfect hairstyle is just 22 seconds away!

Operation of the home unit is simple! Place your dome inside the uniquely designed Style Box 3000, and let the series of automatic clippers, scissors, and razors do the job. What’s the best part? No cleanup. The Automatic Haircut sucks all the clipped ends and excess shaving cream off your noggin as it works. You will never have to worry about vacuuming under your haircut area again.

THE FINE PRINT: The Automatic Haircut is not responsible for the insertion of unauthorized limbs in the Style Box 3000. Keep unit clean for optimal performance. Dander, unclean hair, and blood can jam the clipping mechanisms. Always use the buddy system for third party supervision during use of product. First aid certification recommended but not required.