My First Haircut Kit

Is your child terrible at giving haircuts?

Well worry no more, because MY FIRST HAIRCUT KIT is here to make your child a pro!

Whether giving himself/herself a trim, helping their parents out with a little off the top, or opening a small barbershop kiosk on the corner of your neighborhood streets, children can now get the vital hair-cutting experience they need.

Designed for children ages 2-6, the haircut kit includes:

  • Professional grade shears
  • Industry grade electric razor (guards sold separately)
  • Shaving (includes 6 pre-sharpened utility blades)
  • Mohawk stencil
  • Hairstyle Instructional pamphlet
  • First aid kit with blood towel
  • Set of legal team business cards

For four easy payments of $69.99, you could start experiencing the convenience of in-home haircuts in the most popular styles — bowl cut, crew cut, OR skin head. Gone are the days of expensive trips to the barber, with unknown hands in your hair and incessant conversation with a stylist or shampooer.

Don’t forget to check out MY SECOND HAIRCUT, an advanced set of tools for your 7-10 year old child, including curlers, dyes and coloring agents, combs, more razors, more scissors, a home-sharpening tool, hairsprays and gels, and a “Yes, I cut my own hair” t-shirt.



The All-Soda Bartending Service

Need an experienced bartender for your next event who can mix a mean soda?


Let us supply the staff that fuels all the soda pop-related passions of your guests. Our trained professionals take soda mixing well past the under thought (yet extremely popular) suicide, the drink that mixes all available soda choices into one glass.

Our ‘Sodalogists’ can create anything from a Dr. Summertime (that’s Dr. Pepper and Lemonade) to a “Twist on a Classic” (that’s Coca Cola and lemon juice with a dash of crushed red pepper) to a “Moo Moo Mocha Mello” (that’s milk and Mello Yello garnished with an entire Hershey’s chocolate bar). Any one of our concoctions can turn your party inside out faster than Gangnam Style and the Macarena being played simultaneously. The All-Soda Bartending Service is perfect for:

1. Children’s parties where the kids aren’t excited enough

2. Bar or Bat Mitzvahs where the kids won’t dance with each other

3. Basically anytime there are kids who need to be rowdy and aren’t

4. College parties that run out of booze money

5. Retirement parties (as long as no one has a heart condition)

The ASBS also offers a 30-week training school, where you or an unemployed person you know can learn the fine art of soda mixing. For less than you can buy a mid-sized SUV, you could become a certified Sodalogist, complete with your training certificate and complimentary ASBS pen and lanyard. Apply today, and let’s change the world one “7 Babies on a Bender” at a time! (that’s 7UP, baby formula, Tabasco Sauce, and maple syrup).