Al’s Ice Sculpture Challenge

That’s right! It’s the viral sensation that is sweeping the nation:


In response to the popular ice bucket challenge for ALS, local resident Albert Kent has devised a new trend! “It all started when I realize that my name, Al, had some of the same letters as ALS. My wife says I’m being insensitive, but what could be insensitive about making a little money at the expense of some people in need? It’s fun.”

AL’S PLAN: “So basically, you take a cell phone video of you making an ice sculpture. It can be something huge, or just a little ice cube shaved into a tiny horse or something. I don’t care. Then you challenge your friends to do the same, or they have to mail me 20 bucks.”

Al, a Pittsburgh native of 51, believes to be rich by the end of the year. “The best part about this plan, is that people are the stars of their own videos. It would be different if I was just like ‘Hey! Mail me $20 bucks for no reason!’, you know? I doubt anyone would do it.”

Contrary to popular belief, Al himself has actually never made an ice sculpture. He notes, “I have never liked them really.”


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