The Moon Suit

Why would I need a suit for walking on the moon? I NEVER GO THERE.

It’s not what you think.

Made from lightweight fibers for optimal flexibility, the Moon Suit covers every inch of the human body, except your perfectly shaped posterior! Your identity will now be concealed without sacrificing your agility for the perfectly timed run-by mooning.

“This thing is great,” says longtime anonymous user Jared Phillips, of 868 N. Sunset Lane, Fortville, IN. “My dad used to get so pissed when I would run through the yard and moon him when he was trying to rake leaves. I still do it, but he has NO IDEA that it’s me these days thanks to the Moon Suit. It’s hilarious.”

For 10 low daily payments of $59.99, you too could see the success of so many other mooners. Available in black, red, green, and grey, the Moon Suit will soon be available with your favorite team’s logo (pending sponsorship of the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, and a handful of tennis and golf superstars). Order now and enjoy your free gift: Your choice of three available Moon Suit scents in plain, everything, or nutmeg!

Mooning has never looked and smelled this good!


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