The High-Five Retail Outlet

Can’t find a good high five anywhere?


At Rick’s, you will always find the best, most solid high five for the lowest prices around! Whether you’re looking for a simple down-low or even a too slow, we’re your one-stop slap happy high-five shop!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: If you need something a little more theatrical, stop in for a free high-five consultation! Our experts will sit down and map out a custom high-five, tailored to your specific style of celebration. Using our patented “Digits-Up” software, we can design and predict thousands of high-five options including (but not limited to) the following elements: the behind-the-back, jump, scissor kick, summersault, and elbow or shoulder dislocation!

BIG SALE: If that all weren’t enough, come on down to Rick’s this Labor Day for our “Slappy and Sloppy Days” Tent Sale Weekend! There will be music, barbeque, and The Amazing Jeff, a semi-professional juggler and still-life fruit-on-a-table painter! Plus, that’s the day we’re selling our famous Sloppy Joe/High-Five Combos. All you can eat/slap for the low price of $99.99*!

*Combo price does not include $10 tent entry fee, any high-fives beyond the traditional down low/up high options, mandatory tips for The Amazing Jeff, or the $29.99 souvenir “I Got Slappy and Sloppy with Rick” T-shirt.

Lotion for sore, chapped, and slapped hands provided free of charge.

Rick’s High Five Emporium is located off I-69 in beautiful Fortville, Indiana! STOP IN TODAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!


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