The Glass Bottomed Medical Helicopter

Are your patients not being treated to the best views of the city while being airlifted to the hospital?


The next time your patient is screaming as they stare at their compound fracture because they have nothing else to look at, remind them to look through the floor of our revolutionary glass-bottomed medical helicopter. They will be awed by heart-stopping views of the city as you stabilize their vitals and prepare them for the necessary world-class medical attention awaiting them at their destination.

But wait! What if the patient is afraid of heights?

Fear not. Being a fully equipped medical emergency vehicle, you will have all the tools that you need to sedate the patient and take in the view from above in peace.

THE FINE PRINT: The Glass Bottomed Medical Helicopter should not surpass speeds greater than 48 mph. Weight rating H (sustain up to 305lbs. of human passengers, pilot included). GBMH Inc. is not responsible for medical treatment on board aircraft or overall patient safety. Visit our beautiful showroom off I-69 in Fortville, Indiana.


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