The Chapstick Library

Are you tired of purchasing expensive lip balm?


You’ll never have to worry about disappointing lip balm flavors ever again when you get approved for a Chapstick Library card. For a low, one-time monthly fee of $49.99, you will have unlimited access to over one thousand brands, flavors, and colors of lip protection. Simply stop in one of our many convenient locations, and check out the flavor you want.

The average American carries anywhere from 9-13 Chapsticks on their person at all times. But now, all that will change. You’ll have room for all the money you’ll save from NOT buying Chapstick!

Want to try out a particular flavor, but don’t want to spend the money on a full stick? NO PROBLEM!

Want to mix and match lip balm on your upper and lower lip? NO PROBLEM!

Need more room in your purse for a handgun? NO PROBLEM!

Treat your kisser right this holiday season, or better yet, give your kin’s kisser the gift of hydration!


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