Muppet Kung Fu Kombat Death Match

Are your children tired of the standard educational numbers and letters video games?


A mature-themed, violent, head-to-head fighting game with youthful appeal, your 3-7 year old will love portraying their favorite Muppets in all out one-on-one kung fu matches to the death. Available on most entertainment consoles (pending a highly likely Disney approval), simplified controls and engaging graphics will make it easy for your impressionable toddler  to play.

Features include:

1. A signature finishing move, tailored to each individual character.

2. Multiple fight sites including Muppet studios, Kermit’s swamp, and an industrial warehouse.

3. Unlockable secret characters including Darth Vader, Rush Limbaugh, and Scooter.

4. “Zombie Mode”allows children to play as undead versions of Muppets.

5. Separately sold “Death Packs” include additional software containing more finishing moves.

A mobile version of the game is currently being designed for children’s iPhones, to minimize behavioral issues in waiting rooms and on public transportation. In keeping with the great tradition of positive child development and pop culture progress, this game’s innovators are convinced that the future of education relies on a healthy awareness of graphic violence and overly animated gymnastic kung fu moves.


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